Home Sold in Northeast, DC

5701 Chillum Pl, NE, DC 20011

My client was renting a property and felt they were “throwing away money” and decided to invest in an appreciating asset instead of renting and paying someone else’s mortgage. Their goal was to find a rowhouse in DC that was no more than 7 miles from work because she bikes to work. 

What is the process to buy a home in Northeast DC?

The first thing I did was go over the entire home buying process with her. It was important to her to be educated on the process, especially as a first-time home buyer so that she understood all of the moving parts and could know what to expect.

Once we decided on a plan for her buying process, she got pre-approved for a mortgage so we knew what the budget would be for her home. This client wanted to be no more than 7 miles from work because she bikes to work, so we started narrowing in on neighborhoods that fit her budget. Besides the proximity to work, she also wanted a yard, so she had space for a garden.

How long does it take to buy a home in Northeast, DC?

My client’s lease was ending in a month and a half so we had to move fairly quickly. Once we pinned down on location, she and I shared home listings back and forth that we felt were great options. We ended up seeing 5 houses in total but the first one we walked into was the one that she liked the most and ended up buying. 

It was a smooth process because we were both on the same page with expectations and her goals. We were confident that with her budget we were going to be able to find a great home. The best thing that happened is that the market had slowed down a bit so we found a home that had been sitting on the market for 2 weeks and we were able to keep all of our contingencies and get a credit inside the deal too.

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