Home Sold in Alexandria, VA

8103 Oaklake Ct. Alexandria, VA 22309

townhome sold in Alexandria, VA

This couple was looking for a single-family home or townhouse with at least 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. They wanted the home to be fully updated, with parking, a sizable basement and outdoor space. The location was important as well. They needed to be convenient to a major highway so we decided Alexandria would be a good location to search in.

Not only were they looking to buy a home, but they also had a condo to sell. Prior to listing their condo, they wanted to find a home that they could purchase and be comfortable with and secure because inventory was low, and they wanted to be in control of their move.

What was the process to buy a home in Alexandria, VA?

First, they got pre-approved so they had a clear understanding of their budget and what a home in their desired area would cost in their budget. Second, I setup a custom search so that all homes that matched the criteria we determined would hit their inboxes immediately so we could make sure that if there was something they liked we could jump on it.

How long does it take to buy a home in Alexandria, VA?

We found a house the first day we went out to look! We went to an Open House for a home that already had 5 offers on it. Luckily, we ended up connecting with a neighbor who was walking her dog and she let us know that her house would be coming on the market soon. She allowed us to preview it and let us know that she’d be willing to accept an offer before it went on the market. I then connected with her real estate agent, my buyers wrote an offer, and we ratified the contract. The best part is that when they closed, they had 40K in equity because the house with 5 offers was identical and sold for 40k more than the home they just got off market.

The main challenge we faced was the current low inventory in the market, so we anticipated that we would be competing with multiple offers. We were able to avoid that because we connected with the neighbor and get the home under contract quickly.

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