3 Ways to get top $$ for your home

Here are my top 3 effective ways to make sure your home is ready for selling. I have been a real estate agent in Washington, DC and Virginia for over 6 years and when I go in to houses I notice that implementing these three changes before selling can make your open house a warm welcoming environment!


Get rid of the unique bright colors on your walls. It’s all about neutral colors when you put your house on the market. A fresh coat of paint will also make your home seem new and updated. This is a relatively inexpensive way of changing the entire look of a room.


Lighting is so important in a house. A dark room generates an uninviting space, while a home with recessed lighting brightens up the room, making it look bigger, fresher and more welcoming.

Fresh and Updated Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important feature of your home. This is the area where most entertaining is done and you spend most of your time in the kitchen. Therefore, let’s make sure it pops when you are selling your home. Appliance updates are important, if you have it in your budget update those old appliances. If you only have a small budget focus on updating at least one. Cabinets and counter top updates will also go a long way in getting your house sold sooner rather than later.